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About us

From technical assistance on the field to the first yachting industry software house. 

abut us

from the dock of the bay

Captayn comes from the experience of a team of professionals working in yachting business since 15 years. Studying the concerns and the issues of the industry we developed a solution which is giving a better response day by day to the need of anyone who deals with a boat.


Making life easy

Since the first seps of the idea to the latest app release, Captayn helped thousands of owners, makers, captains, brokers and shipyards who trusted us. Now life is easy onboard their boats. 


for the future

The new generation is making us stay on top of technology. Automotive, luxury living and aerospace are used as benchmark.

People are booking charters online, connecting their car to any device, checking their home automations remotely.

Trough Captayn we reduce visits onboard and request processing time, drastically improving carbon footprint and not using paper.

Yachting can be sustainable.


Boating is facing an important and complex transition that will lead it to be a real industry, compared to its current highly artisanal condition.

Its relatively small size and its very high specialization create an environment in which it often happens that process innovations are born right inside it, rather than as a transfer from other sectors.

In yachting, digitalization of processes is fundamentally backward and the availability of specific and powerful software solutions is limited, rather than totally non-existent in some specific areas.

Existing software are ugly, complex to use and only pro-users oriented.

Today, the industry loses an incredible amount of energy, time and money just managing after sales processes, even before actually doing something. It’s an invisible problem when market is strong, it becomes monstre when market slows down.

Yachting is growing faster worldwide, so are after sales opportunities. Captayn is the ultimate tool to manage them in a contemporary way.



Certified as "innovative startup"

NAVIGO supports Captayn for the innovation of the nautical sector

Captayn is registered on SIAE special public register for computer programs

Project co-financed by Regione Toscana 

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